NASCAR Racing Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: NASCAR, Columbia Business, Sports Illustrated
Date Verified: 1.14.2014
NASCAR Racing StatisticsData
Annual NASCAR revenue$3.1 Billion
Average NASCAR ticket price$92.16
Number of NASCAR fans75 Million
Average NASCAR race attendance99,853
Total annual NACAR attendance3.6 Million
Number of households that watch the Daytona 50012.5 Million
Annual worth of NASCAR television contract$560 Million
Percent of NASCAR fans who are women40 %
Annual amount spent by women on NASCAR-licensed products$250 million
Percent of NASCAR fans who are minorities21 %
Percent of kids age 7 to 17 that reported being NASCAR fans50 %
Percent of fans who are willing to pay more to buy a sponsor’s product66 %
Average annual amount a sponsor invest in a racing team$15 million
Percent of NASCAR fans who could name every sponsor of the top 30 ranked cars36 %
NASCAR Team Expense StatisticsAmount
Average NASCAR Drivers’ Salary including endorsements$7.5 Million
Average NASCAR team member salary$35,000
Average spent annually by a NASCAR team on travel$1 Million
Average spent per race by a NASCAR team on tires$20,000
Average spent on in-house engine program by a NASCAR team$3.5 million
Average spent on a NASCAR racing car$1.5 Million
Top Television Rated NASCAR Races
3Las Vegas6.26.4
* Race on Monday because of rain

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