Multiple Birth Statistics

Multiple Births By Year 2009 2010 2014
Twin Births 137,217 132,562 131,269
Triplet Births 5,905 5,503 5,137
Quadruplet Births 355 313 239
Quintuplets or Higher 80 37 69
Other Multiple Birth Statistics Data
Triplet or higher birth rate per 100,000 live births 137.6
Twin birth rate per 1,000 live births 33.1
Total percentage of Twins as result of fertility treatments 17%
Total percentage of triplets as result of fertility treatments 40%
Total percentage of twins born to women over the age of 45 20%
Percent of teen mothers who have twins 2%
Percent of twins born with low birth weight 57%
Percent of triplets born with low birth weight 96%
Total number of live multiple births 143,557
Percent of twins that are left handed 22%

A multiple birth occurs when more than one fetus is carried to term in a single pregnancy. Different names for multiple births are used, depending on the number of offspring. Siblings created from one egg are commonly called identical. Since identical multiples share the same genetic material, they are always the same sex. Multiples called polyzygotic represent some combination of fraternal and identical siblings. For example, a set of triplets may be composed of identical twins from one egg and a third sibling from a second egg.

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Source: CDC, Gold Coast Multiple birth, NOMOTC
Research Date: June 1st, 2015

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