Most Expensive Colleges in the U.S.

Most Expensive Colleges (Tuition and Room / Board)
Year College or University Annual Cost
1 Sarah Lawrence College $61,236
2 New York University $59,337
3 Harvey Mudd College $58,913
4 Columbia University $58,742
5 Wesleyan University $58,502
6 Claremont McKenna College $58,065
7 Dartmouth College $57,996
8 New School Parsons School of Design $57,910
9 John Hopkins University $57,820
10 University of Chicago $57,711

College tuition refers to tuition fees that students have to pay to colleges in the United States. The United States has one of the most expensive higher education systems in the world. Many families go into debt in order to pay for their children to attend college. Except for its military academies, the U.S. federal government does not directly support higher education. Instead it offers loans and grants

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Source: Yahoo Finance
Research Date: August 2nd, 2015

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