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Months With The Highest Death Rate

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Deadliest Months in the US Ranked by Average Number of Deaths Daily
  Month Average Deaths Per Day
1 January 6993.4
2 December 6746.7
3 February 6507.25
4 March 6471.9
5 April 6158.12
6 May 6041.8
7 November 5801.33
8 June 5570.05
9 October 5312.5
10 July 5230.88

which are the deadliest months in us history ? what month do the most people die on average ? what is the month that has the least number of deaths on average ? total deaths in the us by month of the year ? how many people die every day on average ?

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Date research was conducted: May 2, 2017

Months With The Highest Death Rate

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