McKesson Company Statistics

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Source: McKesson, Glassdoor
Date Verified: 2.14.2014
McKesson Statistics
Fortune 500 Rank 15
Total Number of Employees 36,400
Total Annual Revenue $108.7 billion
Total Number of Facilities 40
McKesson Provider Technologies
Total Percentage Customer Base in U.S. 50%
Physician Practices 20%
Home Care Agencies 25%
Average McKesson Salary
Software Engineer $76,014
Senior Software Engineer $94,802
Project Manager $75,591
Business Analyst $71,935
Senior Project Manager $99,786
Product Manager $198,917
Software Engineer IV $99,624
Senior Technical Engineer $87,600
Operations Manager $87,000
Vice President $180,250

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Date research was conducted: September 1, 2016

McKesson Company Statistics

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