Master of Business Administration Statistics (MBA)
Statistic Verification
Source: Digest of Education Statistics
Research Date: 4.28.2013
MBA StatisticsNumber
Annual number of MBA Applicants801,504
Total Enrolled MBA Students1,012,650
Average Annual MBA Graduates156,250
Total number of MBA Programs4,000 Programs / 454 Institutes
Job TitleAverage Salary
Senior Financial Analyst$48,165 – $89,396
Marketing Director$67,563 – $146,901
Finance Manager$85,957 – $108,493
Financial Controller$78,611 – $96,650
Project Manager, (IT)$72,096 – $88,108
Vice President, Operations$78,203 – $136,988
Financial Analyst$30,000 – $52,375
MBA StatisticsData
Percent of MBA students who are male60 %
Percent of MBA students who have grants59 %
Average annual cost of an MBA program$7,400
Percent of MBA students who are part-time56.9 %

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