Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Statistics

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Date Verified: 1.13.2014
Disney’s Magic Kingdom is part of Walt Disney World Resort. This contiguous, nearly 40-sq mile, entertainment and recreation destination featuring 4 theme parks started in 1967.
Magic Kingdom Statistics  
Year Opened 1971
Initial Cost $400,000,000.00
Attractions at Opening 23
Employees at Opening 8000
Current Attractions 37
Number of Audio Anamatronic Figures 1100
Gallons of Water in the moat surrounding the castle 3.37 Million
Admission price at Opening $3.50
Admission price on Jan 10, 2014 $95
Number of children who get need help finding their parents each day 15
Number of firework shells fired each year 1,000,000
Number of time Walt Disney World has taken a day off 5
Number of food carts found in Magic Kingdom 44
Number of references refering to Mickey Mouse in the town square theater. 50
Number of restrooms 14
Tons of trash that is daily handled by the AVAC system 50
Number of tickets sold in 2010 17 million

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Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Statistics

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