LinkedIn Company Profile and Statistics

LinkedIn Company Profile Data
Total number of LinkedIn users 313,000,000
Number of monthly unique visitors to LinkedIn 187,000,000
Number of people who received an interview from their LinkedIn profile 122,070,000
Number of people who have been hired from a connection made on LinkedIn 35,522,000
Number of new LinkedIn members per second 2
Percent of LinkedIn users that use the free version 90.9 %
Percent of users that have a complete profile as defined by LinkedIn 50.5 %
Percent of users who check LinkedIn daily 39 %
Number of LinkedIn users after it’s first month of launch 4,500
Number of LinkedIn employees 5,700
Countries With The Most LinkedIn Members Number of Members
India 27,000,000
Brazil 18,000,000
United States 16,000,000
Canada 9,000,000
France 8,000,000
Italy 7,000,000
Mexico 6,000,000
Australia 6,000,000
Spain 6,000,000
China 5,000,000
Netherlands 5,000,000
LinkedIn Revenue Distribution 2014 Q2 Revenue
Premium Subscriptions $105,000,000
Marketing Solutions $106,000,000
Talent Solutions $322,000,000
Statistic & Data References
Sources: LinkedIn, Statistic Brain Research Institute
Date research was conducted: June 28th, 2015