Kroger Company Statistics

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Source: Kroger, Glassdoor
Research Date: 9.20.2012
Kroger Statistics
Fortune 500 Rank 25
Total Number of Stores 3,800
Total Annual Sales (2010) 82.2 billion
Total Number of Employees (2007) 310,000
Total Number of In store Pharmacies 1900
Total number of Prescriptions filled annually 120 million
Average Salary for Kroger Employee
Cashier – Hourly $7.46/hr
Co-Manager $41,558
Grocery Clerk -Hourly $9.02/hr
Pharmacist $103,880
Pharmacy Technician – Hourly $8.91
Grocery Stocker – Hourly $9.72/hr
Floor Supervisor – Hourly $8.16/hr
Store Manager $58,701
Co Manager $39,923
Courtesy Clerk – Hourly $7.27

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Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: January 16, 2016

Kroger Company Statistics

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