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Jake Ellenberger Career Statistics

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Source: UFC
Date Verified: 5.29.2012
Jake Ellenberger Career Statistics  
Wins 27
Wins by KO / TKO 17 (63%)
Wins by Submissions 5 (19%)
Wins by Decisions 5 (19%)
Current Streak 6 wins
Losses 6
Losses by Submissions 1 (17%)
Losses by Submissions 1 (17%)
Losses by Decisions 4 (67%)
UFC Fight Statistics  
Total UFC Fights 8
Strike success percentage 47 %
Takedown success percentage 59 %
Percent of takedowns avoided 91 %
Percen of strikes avoided 69 %
Wins by submissions 23 %
Wins by striking 23 %
Wins by takedowns 54 %
Fighter Profile  
Nickname The Juggernaut
Age 27
Height 6’0"
Weight 170 lbs
Reach 73"
Class Welterweight
Fighting out of Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Fight Payouts  
Career Disclosed Earnings $206,000
vs. Kampmann $140,000
vs. Carlos Eduardo $32,000
vs. Jake Shields $70,000 (includes $55,000 bonus)

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Jake Ellenberger Career Statistics

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