iranian nuclear program production statistics

Iranian Nuclear Program Statistics

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Iran Nuclear Program Statistics Data
Number of countries that have imposed bilateral sanctions against Iran 8
Total number of Iranian entities sanctioned by the United States, United Nations and European Union 424
Total number of Iranian entities sanctioned by the Government of Canada since 2010 483
Maximum range, in miles, of the Iranian Shahab-3 ballistic missile, currently operational 1,200
Approximate range, in miles, between Tehran and Jerusalem 970
Iranian Nuclear Production Statistics Data
Average production, per month, of 3.5% LEU at the Natanz Enrichment Plant 248 kg
Kilograms of uranium hexafluoride (UF6) that Iran has enriched to 3.5% U-235 15,651 kg
Amount of U-235 being stored in gaseous form for further enrichment 7,854 kg
– Number of first generation implosion bombs this 7,854 kg could produce 7
– Time needed to convert this uranium to one bomb’s worth of finished uranium (90% U-235) 3-12 months
Before using uranium in a warhead, it must be enriched to weapon-grade (90 percent or more U-235) and processed into a metallic shape sufficient to explode in a chain reaction.
Cumulative total of uranium that Iran has enriched to 19.75% 178 kg
Average monthly production rate of 19.75 % LEU at the Natanz and Fordow plants 14.75 kg
Total number of IR-1 centrifuges at the Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant 9,000
Total number of IR-1, IR-2m, and IR-4 uranium enrichment centrifuges currently active in Iran 17,600
Approximate number of IR-1 centrifuges believed to have been destroyed by the Stuxnet worm 1,000
Public Opinion Survey on Iran Percent
Percent who support Israel conducting a military strike against Iran's nuclear program
Total percent who support 24 %
Percent of Republicans who support 38 %
Percent of Democrats who support 17 %
Percent of Independents who support 17 %
Percent who support the U.S. and other major powers pursuing negotiations with Iran
Total percent who support 69 %
Percent of Republicans who support 58 %
Percent of Democrats who support 79 %
Percent of Independents who support 67 %
Other Iran Survey Questions
Percent who believe Iran is producing nuclear fuel strictly for its energy needs 6 %
Percent who believe Iran has decided to produce nuclear weapons and is working to do so 58 %
Percent who believe it is VERY likely Iran will eventually develop nuclear weapons 49 %
Percent who believe Iran would likely use nuclear weapons against Israel 62 %
Percent who believe if Israel strikes Iran the U.S. would join the war on Israel's behalf 22 %
Percent who believe a war between Israel and Iran would last years 48 %
Sample Size: 727, Margin or Error +/- 4.5 %

Statistic Sources & References
Sources: World Nuclear Association, University of Maryland, Iran Watch,
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: October 23, 2015

Iranian Nuclear Program Statistics

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