Internet Travel Hotel Booking Statistics

Online Travel Booking StatisticsData
Number of travel bookings made on the internet each year148.3 million
Percent of all travel reservations made on the internet57 %
Percent of same day hotel reservations made from a smartphone65 %
Internet Source for Hotel BookingShare of Bookings
Brand Website: Website where distribution is operated and managed by the brand (e.g %
Merchant Website: (e.g. Expedia/, Travelocity and Orbitz).19.5 %
Opaque Website: Customers to choose a fare or rate without knowing the brand of the supplier until after the item is purchased (e.g. Priceline).11.3 %
Retail Website: Third-party distributor where the hotel lists inventory at the same price that it is sold to the consumer and hotel pays distributor agreed upon commission (e.g. HRS, Bookings, Venere in Europe).3.7 %
Annual Online Travel SalesOnline Sales
2012$162.4 billion
2011$145 billion
2010$128.9 billion
2009$116.1 billion
2008$105.1 billion
2007$93.8 billion
Online Travel Sales Revenue Breakup (Q1 2012) 
Hotel Reservations39 %
Air Ticketing37 %
Packaged Tour17 %
Corporate Travel4 %
Others3 %
Top Visited Travel Sites by TrafficAlexa Rank (Part of
Travel Booking Site StatisticsData
Average number of reviews for a hotel238
Percent of travelers who find user reviews important81 %
Percent of travelers who won’t book a hotel without reviews49 %
Percent of travel reviews written by women53 %

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Research Date: March 3rd, 2015

Arguably one the best features of the internet is the ease at which one can research and book travel plans. Internet travel booking revenue has grown by more than 73% over the past five years.