IKEA Company Statistics

IKEA Company Statistics Data
Number of people that went to an IKEA store last year 545,000,000
Number of IKEA stores worldwide 325
Number of countries that have an IKEA 41
Number of IKEA catalogs shipped annually 217,000,000
Total number of BILLY book cases sold worldwide 42,000,000
Number of home furnishing articles carried by IKEA 9,500
Cost of the cheapest item at IKEA (dog dish) .29 cents
Time that IKEA restaurant opens before the store 30 min
Average cost of breakfast at IKEA .99 cents
Number of meatballs served at IKEA every year 150 million
Revenue made by IKEA in the U.S. annually $33.2 billion
Revenue made by IKEA worldwide annually in 2007 $27.9 million
Number of IKEA employees worldwide 120,000
Number of IKEA workers in the U.S. 11,000
Average number of new IKEA stores that open each year worldwide 15
Number of room settings in an IKEA store 48
Number of model homes in an IKEA 3
Top IKEA Product Purchasing Countries Percent of Sales
China 25 %
Poland 18 %
Italy 7 %
Sweden 5 %
Lithuania 4 %
United States 4 %

IKEA is a multinational group of companies that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture (such as beds, chairs and desks), appliances, small motor vehicles and home accessories.

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Source: IKEA, Apartment Therapy
Research Date: September 2nd, 2015

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