electric hybrid car sales statistics

Hybrid / Electric Vehicle Statistics

Total Hybrid Electric Car Sales Statistics Total Sold
United States 2,180,000
Japan 1,500,000
Europe 450,000
World Wide Sales 4,500,000
Hybrid Cars With The Highest EPA City Mileage MPG
Toyota Prius c 53
Honda Civic Hybrid 44
Lexus CT 200h 43
Honda Insight 41
Toyota Camry Hybrid LE / XLE 43 / 40
Ford Fusion Hybrid 41
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 35
Top Selling Hybrid-Electric Vehicles by Model (U.S.) Number Sold
Toyota Prius 1,091,564
Honda Civic 209,216
Toyota Camry 178,805
Ford Escape 116,556
Toyota Highlander 113,632
Lexus RX400 / 450h 114,058
Honda Insight 71,001
Ford Fusion 57,471
Nissan Altima 36,510
Honda Accord 27,086
Lexus HS 250h 20,226
Hyundai Sonata 19,672
Honda CR-Z 16,579
Lexus CT 200h 14,381
Other 70,966
Top U.S. Markets for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Sales Hybrids / 1,000 Households
*Number represents new hybrid purchases in 2011 (not cumulative)
Portland, OR 8.8
Helena, MT 6.7
San Francisco, CA 6.7
Washington, DC 5.1
Los Angeles, CA 4.8
San Diego, CA 4.7
Seattle, WA 4.7
Juneau, AK 4.6
Santa Barbara, CA 4.4
Monterey, CA 4.3
U.S. Metropolitan Area Average 1.8

A hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) is a car which combines a combustion engine with an electric propulsion system. The electric powertrain is intended to achieve better fuel economy. Modern HEVs make use of efficiency-improving technologies such as regenerative braking, which converts the vehicle's kinetic energy into electric energy to charge the battery, rather than wasting it as heat energy as conventional brakes do.

Statistic Verification
Source: U.S. Department of Energy
Research Date: December 5th, 2012

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