Human Body Statistics
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Source: Center for Disease Control
Research Date: March 18th, 2015

The human body is the entire structure of a human being and comprises a head, neck, trunk (which includes the thorax and abdomen), two arms and hands and two legs and feet. Every part of the body is composed of various types of cell. At maturity, the estimated number of cells in the body is given as 37.2 trillion. Questions: What is the average human height? What percent of the human body is made up of water? How much air do we breathe each day? Statistics on the human body.

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Average Human Body Measurments Data
Men’s Average Height 69.4 inches
Men’s Average Weight 194.7 lbs
Men’s Average Waist Circumference 39.7 inches
Women’s Average Height 63.8 inches
Women’s Average Weight 164.7 lbs
Women’s Average Waist Circumference 37 inches
Body Fluid Statistics  
Average amount of water in the human body 40 litres
Average percent of body weight made up of water 57%
Amount of body fluid that is Intracellular fluid 25 litres
Amount of body fluid that is Extracellular fluid 15 litres
Amount of Extracellular fluid that is Plasma fluid 3 litres
Amount of Extracellular fluid that is Interstitial fluid 12 litres
Amount of Extracellular fluid that is Transcellular fluid minute
Human Heart Statistics  
Average human heart beats per day 100,000
Average human heart beats per year 35 Million
Average human heart beats per lifetime 3 Billion
Gallons of blood pumped by the heart in a lifetime 48 Million
Human Lung Statistics  
Lung breathes per day 23,000
Gallons of air produced per year 80 Million
Kidney Statistics  
Urine produced each day by kidneys 1.5 Quarts
Urin produced in a lifetime by kidneys 10,000 Gallons
Blood processed each minute by kidneys 1 Quart
Blood processed each day by kidneys 423 Gallons
Blood processed in a lifetime by kidneys 13 Million Gallons
Food Consumption  
Amount of food consumed each day by average human 3.5 pounds
Amount of food consumed in a lifetime by average human 53 Tons
Saliva produced in a lifetime 10,000 gallons
Average time it takes food to travel from mouth to stomach 7 Seconds
Body Makeup Statistics  
Number of cells that compose the body 100 Trillion
Number of cells that die and are replaced every minute 300 Million
Blood cells that die every minute 15 Million
Muscles in the human body 650
Bones in the human body 206
Square feet of skin in the human body 20 Square ft
Miles of blood vessels in the human body 60,000
Number of scents detected by the nose 50,000
Number of eye blinks each year 6 Million
Number of diseases that affect the human body 20,000
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