Hulu Statistics

Hulu Statistics
Number of paying Hulu subscribers 4 million
Total number of people who watched Hulu at least once in the past year 38 million
Number of Hulu video views in the past year 457 million
Average number of videos a Hulu watcher views 12
Average length of time a person spends on Hulu 1hr 13min
Number of devices in use that Hulu is available on 120 million
Percentage of people who use Hulu and only watch television shows 73 %
Percent of people who use Hulu to watch movies 9 %
Percent of videos viewed online that Hulu makes up 4 %
Percent growth for Hulu from 2010 to 2011 60 %
Total revenue made in 2011 by Hulu $420 million
Statistic & Data References
Sources: Statistic Brain Research Institute, Hulu
Date research was conducted: June 3rd, 2015