tax cheating statistics

Tax Cheating Statistics

Tax Cheating Statistics Data
Estimated number of people who cheat on their taxes each year 1,625,000
Amount lost annually by the U.S. Treasury due to unreported income $270,000,000,000
Number of individual tax returns filed in 2014 149,684,000
Number of individual tax returns filed in 2010 142,449,000
Percent of tax returns that get audited by the IRS 1.2 %
Number of years the IRS has to audit a filed return 3 years
Percent of audited individuals that make under $25,000 44 %
Amount paid annually by the IRS to people who turn in tax cheaters $5,250,000
Percent of people who think it’s morally wrong to cheat on their taxes 79 %
Number of tax returns in 2014 that had no income tax liability 53,000,000
Income level at which a typical family of four will owe no income taxes $50,250
Top Deductions in Question During and IRS Audit Percent of Audits
Home office deduction 24.5 %
Job Expenses 20 %
Rental Losses 17.5 %
Schedule C Expenses (Business Deductions) 16 %
Charitable Contributions 15 %

Tax returns in the United States are reports filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or with the state or local tax collection agency containing information used to calculate income tax or other taxes.

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Source: Internal Revenue Service, Tax Foundation, Pew Research
Research Date: March 10th, 2016

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