Tax Cheating Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: Tax Foundation, Pew Research
Research Date: 4.19.2013
Tax Cheating Statistics Data
Estimated number of people who cheat on their taxes 1.6 Million
Amount annually lost by the U.S. Treasury due to unreported income $270 Billion
Number of individual tax returns filed in 2010 144 Million
Percent of tax returns that get audited by the IRS 1.2 %
Number of years the IRS has to audit a filed return 3 years
Percent of audited individuals that make under $25,000 44 %
Amount paid annually by the IRS to people who turn in tax cheaters $5 Million
Percent of people who think it’s morally wrong to cheat on their taxes 79 %
Number of tax returns in 2010 that had no income tax liability 53 Million
Income level at which a typical family of four will owe no income taxes $50,250
Top Deductions in Question During and IRS Audit Percent of Audits
Home office deduction 24.5 %
Job Expenses 20 %
Rental Losses 17.5 %
Schedule C Expenses (Business Deductions) 16 %
Charitable Contributions 15 %

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