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Home Security Alarm System Statistics

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Home Alarm System Statistics Data
Average cost of a home security alarm system $850
Annual spending on home security systems $20,640,000,000
Number of homes secured by ADT Security 7,400,000
Percent of American households that have a home security system 15 %
Percent of attempted burglaries on homes with alarms that are unsuccessful 60 %
Average amount of time it takes a burglar to gain entrance to a home 57 seconds
Percent of burglars that gain entrance somewhere other than the front door 67 %
Percent of home security system owners that are unsure of how to operate their system 54 %
Percent of police officials surveyed who believe home alarm systems help deter burglary attemps 85 %
Percent of burglaries that occur when people are at home 86 %
Statistic Sources & References
Sources: ADT Security, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Statistic Brain Research Institute
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: January 2, 2017

Home Security Alarm System Statistics

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