Home School Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics
Date Verified: 4.28.2013
Home School StatisticsData
Total number of home schooled students in the U.S.1,508,000
Average academic percentile of a home school student77th
Average reading percentile of a home school student79th
Average math percentile of a home school student73rd
Average SAT score of a home school student1083
Average ACT score of a home school student22.6
Annual rate of increase in families choosing to home school7 %
Top Reasons for Home Schooling (Multiple Answer Survey) 
Can give child a better education at home48.9 %
A desire to provide religious or moral instruction38.4 %
A dissatisfaction with academic instructions at public schools25.6 %
Family reasons16.8 %
To develop character and morality15.1 %
Object to what school teaches12.1 %
School doesn’t challenge child11.6 %
Other problems with available school9 %
Child has special needs or disability8.2 %
Number of Children Per Home Schooled Families 
16.6 %
225.3 %
326 %
4-625.9 %
7 +6.3 %
Education Level of Home Schooled Parents 
Percent of Fathers with Bachelor’s Degree or Higher66.3 %
Percent of Fathers with Bachelor’s Degree or Higher62.5 %

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