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Holiday Shopping Statistics

Holiday Shopping Statistics Data
Amount spent annually on holiday shopping (Nov 1 – Dec 16) $52,000,000,000
Amount shoppers plan to spend on gifts this year $804.42
Percent of consumers who will shop online 90 %
Percent of tablet owners who will shop on their device 70 %
Percent of shoppers who are willing to pay full price for an item they want 16 %
Percent who are making a purchase from a catalog 38 %
Top Online Spending Day Total Online Spending
November 28th – Black Friday $1,505,000,000
November 29th – Cyber Monday $1,028,000,000
December 13th – Green Monday $954,000,000
December 17th – Free Shipping Day $942,000,000
What People are buying online Percent
Percent of Shoppers looking for promotions on clothes and electronics 51.4%
Percent of shoppers who bought toys 32.6%
Percent of shoppers who purchased gift cards 23.1%
Percent who purchased home decor items 21.3%
How Important is Free Shipping Percent
Very Important - I will not make a purchase without it 36%
Somewhat Important - I actively seek out free shipping deals 42%
Neither important nor unimportant - I would like to find it but not required 12%
Somewhat important - has very little effect on my purchase decision 1%
Very unimportant - I will make my purchase regardless of shipping costs 2%
Don't know/not sure 6%

In the United States, the Christmas/holiday shopping season, during which a quarter of all personal spending takes place, is traditionally considered to commence on the day after American Thanksgiving, a Friday colloquially known as either Black Friday or Green Friday. This is widely reputed to be the busiest shopping day of the entire calendar year.

Statistic Verification
Source: ComScore, Shoporg, Technet, American Research Group
Research Date: October 2nd, 2015

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