High School Dropout Statistics
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Source: Education Week, Children Trends Database
Research Date: March 17th, 2015

Questions: What is the high school dropout rate in the U.S.? How many high school students dropout every year? Demographics of high school drop outs? Reasons students choose to drop out of high school? 2014 high school dropout rates.

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High School Dropout Statistics (US)
Total number of high school dropouts annually3,030,000
Number of high school students who drop out each day8,300
Percent of Americans with a high school diploma85.3 %
Percent of all drop outs that happen in the ninth-grade36 %
Percent of students who repeat the ninth-grade that go on to graduate15 %
Percent of students in the largest 50 U.S. cities that graduate High School59 %
Percent of US crimes that committed by a high school dropout75 %
Amount of money a high school graduate will earn more than a drop out$260,000
Percent of black drop outs that have spent time in prison60 %
Percentage of Hispanic dropouts that were due to a pregnancy41 %
Percent of US jobs a high school dropout is not eligible for90 %
Demographics of High School Dropouts (Percent who drop out)
National Rate8.1 %
Male9.1 %
Female7 %
African American9.6 %
Hispanic17.6 %
White5.2 %
Asian American2.1 %
Foreign Born20.7 %
Children of Foreign Born13 %
Historic High School Dropout Rates

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