Health Insurance Cost Statistics

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Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, National Conference of State Legislatures
Research Date: 7.8.2014
Back in 1970s, the United States looked a lot like other countries when it came to health care spending. In 1980, we spent $1,110 per person on health care, which worked out to about 9.2 percent of Gross Domestic Product. But in the 1980s, health-care costs in the United States began growing much faster than in other countries, rising to $9,810 per person in 2013. That amounts to a total of $2.74 Trillion spent on health care, or 17.9% of our total economy.
Health Care Cost Statistics Single Coverage Family Coverage
Average cost of Healthcare in the United States $5,615 $15,745
Average annual deductible $1,120 $2,075
Average cost to employee enrolled in company plan $1,225 $4,316
States with the highest cost of healthcare Single Coverage Family Coverage
Alaska $6,180 $14,622
Rhode Island $6,164 $14,424
Washington DC $5,953 $16,572
Maine $5,809 $15,274
Vermont $5,749 $15,086
States with the lowest cost of healthcare Single Coverage Family Coverage
Utah $4,281 $12,213
Hawaii $4,401 $12,109
Arkansas $4,586 $11,830
Georgia $4,706 $13,149
North Dakota $4,716 $11,007
Historic Health Care Spending Statistics Annual Per Capita Spending
The following is the average annual health care spending (not just insurance premiums) per capita
2013 $9,810
2010 $8,402
2000 $4,550
1990 $2,600
1980 $1,110
1970 $380

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