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Health Insurance Company Member Statistics

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Source: SEC Filings for Aetna, Cigna, HealthNet, UnitedHealth, WellPoint-Blue Cross, Wall Street Journal
Date Verified: 12.26.2013
Largest U.S. Health Insurance Companies Total Number of Members
United Health Group 70,000,000
WellPoint 33,300,000
Aetna 18,000,000
CIGNA 11,400,000
Humana 10,200,000
Kaiser 8,900,000
Health Net 6,600,000

statistics on health care companies enrollment numbers ? what is the largest health insurance company in the us world ? total number insured by wellpoint ? how many ensurees does kaiser have ? how many members does cigna have ? largets us health insurance providers by number insured ? how many people are enrolled in a aetna health care plan ?

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Date research was conducted: September 5, 2016

Health Insurance Company Member Statistics

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