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Health Care Industry Statistics

Health Care Industry Statistics Annual Revenue
Health Care Industry Annual Revenue Total $1.668 Trillion
Number of health care companies in the US 784,626
Number of health care company employees in the US 16,792,074
Average health care company employee salary $39,400
Health Care Industry Sales Statistics Annual Revenue Percent of Industry
Health Care Industry Annual Revenue Total $1.668 Trillion 100 %
Patient Care $1.068 Trillion 64 %
Inpatient skilled nursing services and rehabilitation $74.8 Billion 4.49 %
Dental non-surgical intervention services $49.6 Billion 2.98 %
Contributions, gifts, & grants by the government $44.9 Billion 2.69 %
Appropriations from general government $40.2 Billion 2.42 %
Other $389 Billion 23.36 %
States with the most health care companies Number
California 97,288
Texas 54,991
New York 53,948
Florida 51,679
Pennsylvania 35,156
Illinois 31,062
Ohio 27,965
New Jersey 25,777

Health Care Industry statistics. How many health care providers are there? What is the annual health care industry revenue? Read the stats below to answer these questions.

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Statistic Brain Research Institute
Research Date: March 20th, 2016

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