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Hawaii Statistics

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Source: Perfect Hawaiian Vacation, Awesome America
Date Verified: 4.3.2012
Hawaii Statistics
Total population of Hawaii 1,211,537
Total number of islands that make up the Hawaiian chain 19
Total percentage of Asian-Americans that make up entire Hawaiian population 41.6%
Total amount of land area in square miles 6,422.63 sq. miles
Total percentage of entire worlds pineapples that come from Hawaii 33%
Number of letters in the Hawaiian Alphabet 12
Percent of Hawaii’s land area that the 9 main islands make up 99%
Tons of Pineapple Hawaii produces each year 320,000 tons
Percent of people living in Hawaii who are overweight (lowest in the US) 19.7%
Height of Haleakala the world’s largest dormant volcano (located on Maui) 9,843 (at it’s peak)
Number of curves taken on the road to Hana 617
Number of bridges on the road to Hana 26
Knots of wind blowing at Ka Lae on the Big Island 27 Knots per hour
Total population of Niihau 230

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