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Hat Industry Statistics

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Hat Sales Industry Statistics  
Number of baseball hats sold in the US each year 43,750,000
Annual hat sales industry revenue $2,153,000,000
Total number of industry employees 9,171
Total number of US hat sales and manufacturing businesses 1,373
Fitted Hat Market Share Market Share
New Era 66 %
Adidas 15 %
Twins 6 %
Others 13 %
  Top Selling New Era Basball Hats Number of On-Field Style Hats Sold
1 New York Yankees 617,000
2 Atlanta Braves 597,000
3 Boston Red Sox 592,000
4 Cincinnati Reds 501,000
5 Los Angeles Dodgers 478,000
6 Chicago White Sox 443,000
7 Pittsburgh Pirates 429,000
8 Philadelphia Phillies 413,000
9 San Francisco Giants 402,000
10 St. Louis Cardinals 385,000
Cap Production Industry Sectors Percent of Industry
Hat bodies and fabric production 46 %
Hats and caps for men and boys 35 %
Hats and caps for women and girls 6 %
Other 13 %
States with the Most Hat Production Facilities Number of Establishments Value of Shipments
New York 41 $110,800,000
Texas 13 $74,000,000
Illinois 5 $13,000,000
New Jersey 6 $12,500,000
Missouri 4 $7,200,000

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Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Fortune, New Era
Research Date: February 5th, 2015

Statistics on baseball hat sales industry revenue ? How many baseball hats are sold each year? Which New Era hat is the most popular and has the highest sales volume?