Gym Membership Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: Club Industry, Club Manager Central
Date Verified: 4.18.2012
Gym Membership Statistics
Average amount of times a gym membership owner will go to the gym every week 2
Average monthly cost of a gym membership $55
Average amount of gym membership money that goes to waste from under utilization $39
Percent of people with gym memberships that never use them 67%
Percent of personal training that takes place at the gym 66%
Total amount of people over the age of 55 with gym memberships (2004) 10.2 million
Total amount of gym memberships owned as of 01/09 45.5 million
Total gym membership revenue for 2008 $19.1 billion
Percent of health clubs that offer gym membership discounts to families, couples, and married couples 89%
Total percent of gym membership sales down from 2010 to 2011 -16%

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