gym membership statistics

Gym Membership Statistics

Gym and Health Club Industry Statistics Data
Average number of times a gym membership owner will go to the gym every week 2
Average monthly cost of a gym membership $58
Amount of gym membership money that goes to waste from under utilization $39
Percent of people with gym memberships that never use them 67 %
Annual gym & health club industry revenue $21,800,000,000
Annual number of people that use a gym or health club 58,000,000
Number of US gyms and health clubs 30,500
Total number of personal trainers in the US 273,500
Number of gyms and health clubs worldwide 153,000
Approximate number of health club members worldwide 131,700,000
Total global health club industry revenues $75,700,000,000
Top 5 Gym Spending Cities Average Monthly Spending
Savannah, GA $144.35
Naples, FL $143.91
New York, NY $134.50
Sarasota, FL $116.08
Astoria, NY $112.20
Notable Cities Gym Spending Monthly Spending
St. Louis, MO $105.66
Brooklyn, NY $101.19
Charlotte, NC $100.66
Madison, WI $95.33
Boston, MA $91.51
Seattle, WA $90.68
Austin, TX $88.14
Washington, DC $87.00
Minneapolis, MN $85.22
Cleveland, OH $83.01
San Francisco, CA $82.17
Portland, OR $81.64
Chicago, IL $81.35
Atlanta, GA $78.32
Baltimore, MD $74.77
Memphis, TN $71.86
Denver, CO $71.82
Detroit, MI $70.21
Miami, FL $69.86
Los Angeles, CA $69.39
Philadelphia, PA $66.39
Phoenix, AZ $64.74
Salt Lake City, UT $63.92
Bottom 5 Gym Spending Cities Monthly Spending
Whittier, CA $51.26
Fontana, CA $49.78
Ontario, CA $49.66
Charleston, SC $48.86
Pomona, CA $47.35
Statistic & Data References
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Date research was conducted: December 1st, 2015