Gun Control Statistics
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Source: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, Pew Research
Date Verified: 7.23.2012
Public Opinion on Gun Control Data
Percent who said it was more important to control gun ownership 50 %
Percent who said it was more important to protect the right to own guns 46 %
Percent who want to protect gun ownership by region  
East 36 %
Midwest 52 %
South 49 %
West 44 %
State Waiting Periods for Gun Purchases
Connecticut 14 days
Florida 3 days
Wisconsin 48 hours
South Dakota 48 hours
California 10 days
Maryland 7 days
Hawaii 14 days
Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act Statistics  
Purchases blocked annually by the Brady background check system 120,000
Percent of purchases blocked because purchaser was a felon 48 %
Percent of purchases blocked because purchaser was a fugitive 16 %
Annual number of denied purchases reversed on appeal 3,400
States that require gun registrations  
Arizona Partial
California Yes
New York Handguns Only
Washington Handguns Only
States with unrestricted concealed weapon laws  
Alaska Unrestricted
Arizona Unrestricted
Vermont Unrestricted
Montana Outside city limits
Wyoming Residents Only

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