Grandparent Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: U.S Census Bureau, American Community Survey
Research Date: 1.1.2014
Grandparents, possibly the most loving and caring people in the world. They take care of the grandchildren both financially and caregiving. They also stay active and live a very modern lifestyle with high percentages using the internet for banking and social networking.
Justin Bieber StatisticsData
Number of grandparents in the U.S.70,000,000
Percent of U.S. households lead by grandparents37 %
Percent of grandparents who say they can do a better job caring for grandchildren than they did with their own63 %
Percent of people age 65 and over living below the poverty level9.5 %
Percent of Grandparents that are the primary caregiver to their grandchildren13 %
When They Became GranparentsData
Became grandparents in their 50’s43 %
Became grandparents in their 40’s37 %
Average age of becoming a grandparent48
Granparent Activities StatisticsPercent
Percent of grandparents that exercise or play sports43 %
Percent of grandparents that volunteer on a regular basis28 %
Percent of grandparents that dance18 %
Say reading is one of their favorite activities71 %
Read a newspaper in print online86 %
Grandparent Internet StatisticsPercent
Percent of grandparents that use the internet75 %
Use search engines to find information70 %
Shop online63 %
Instant message30 %
Share photos online56 %
Bank online46 %
Use a social network like Facebook or Twitter45 %
Modern Grandparent StatisticsPercent
Percent of grandparents that still have a full-time or part-time job60 %
Have started their own business23 %
Have been married more than once33 %
Report having sex at least twice a week38 %
Have a tattoo10 %
Have used recreational drugs7 %
Started a blog6 %
Run a marathon3 %
Gone skydiving2 %
Grandparent Financial StatisticsData
Percent of the countries wealth controled by grandparents75 %
Average net worth of grandparents$254,000
Total amount spent annually by grandparents$2 trillion
Percent that no longer carry a mortgage55 %
Total amount they spend annually on grandchildren$52 billion



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