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Google Plus Demographics & Statistics

Google Plus Social Network Statistics Data
Total number of Google+ active members 375,000,000
Total number of unique Google+ monthly visits 27,000,000
Average time spent on Google+ per visit 3:46
Percent of online adults that visit Google+ at least once a month 22 %
Percent of smartphone users that use the Google+ app at least once a month 30 %
Average sales order for a visitor referred from Google+ $40
Google’s cost to build Google+ $585,000,000
Number of employees that worked to build Google+ 500
Top Google+ followed profile : Lady Gaga 9,261,490
Google+ Demographics Percent
Percent of people age 15-34 that use Google Plus 28 %
Percent of Google+ users that are female 26.3 %
Percent of Google+ users that are male 73.7 %
Percent of marketers that use Google+ 40 %
Percent of brands that have a presence on Google+ 70 %
Top Countries Using Google Plus Percent of Members
United States 55 %
India 18 %
Brazil 6 %
United Kingdom 5 %
Canada 4 %
Top Occupations on Google+ Percent
Engineer 29 %
Developer 17 %
Software Engineer 12 %
Designer 14 %
Teacher 15 %
Web Developer 5 %
Google+ Growth Statistics Data
Number of accounts created the day of launch 950,000
Growth rate of Google+ each year 33 %

Total number of Google Plus Users?

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Source: Martin-Wilbourn Partners, Google, Forbes, Statistic Brain Research Institute
Research Date: June 4th, 2015

Google+ launched on June 28th 2011 and has since grown to over 375 million active users. But how well has Google Plus done against Facebook? Who uses Google+? What do people use Google+ for? Some of these answers can be found in the statistics below. So what is the total number of Google Plus users?