firework sales statistics

Firework Statistics

Firework Industry Statistics Data
Pounds of fireworks purchased each year in the U.S. 247,550,000 lbs
Annual display fireworks revenue $335,000,000
Annual consumer fireworks revenue $725,000,000
Total annual fireworks industry revenue (combined display and consumer) $1,060,000,000
Firework Injury Statistics Data
Number of injuries per 100 lbs of Fireworks used 3.5
Number of deaths in the US annually due to fireworks 4
Number of serious injuries in the US each year by fireworks 9,300
Percent of injuries caused by illegal fireworks 40 %
Percent of injuries incurred by kids under the age of 14 45 %
Number of Americans who lose sight in one or both eyes due to fireworks 400
Number of US fires caused each year due to fireworks 20,000
Percent of all US fire dollar loss caused by fireworks 0.1 %
Firework Injuries by Type of Device Data
Firecrackers 32 %
Sky Rockets 15 %
Sparklers 10 %
Fountains 7 %
Spinners & Novelties 5 %
Roman Candles 4 %
Reloadable Mortars 3 %
Other 9 %
Unknown 15 %
Statistic & Data References
Source: American Pyrotechnics Association, National Council on Firework Safety
Date research was conducted: May 4th, 2016