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Fastest 40 Yard Dash Times in NFL History

The following list is for the fastest times since the implementation of electronic timing in 2000
Chris Johnson2008RB4.24
Dri Archer2014RB4.26
Marquise Goodwin2013WR4.27
Jamarcus Nelson2015WR4.28
Jerome Mathis2005WR4.28
Jacoby Ford2010WR4.28
J.J. Nelson2015WR4.28
DeMarcus Van Dyke2011CB4.28
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie2008CB4.29
Stanford Routt2005CB4.29
Trindon Holliday2010WR4.29
Fabian Washington2005CB4.29
Darrius Heyward-Bey2009WR4.30
Yamon Figurs2007WR4.30
Darrent Williams2005CB4.30
Tye Hill2006CB4.30
Trae Waynes2015CB4.31
Tyvon Branch2008CB4.31
Justin King2008CB4.31
Jonathan Joseph2006CB4.31
Aaron Lockett2002WR4.31
Santana Moss2001WR4.31
The following list contains all times before and after the electronic timer was implemented
Bo Jackson4.12
Michael Bennett4.13
Alexander Wright4.14
Darrell Green4.15
Ahman Green4.17
Joey Galloway4.18
Deion Sanders4.21
Kevin Curtis4.21
Don Beebe4.21
Donte Stallworth4.22
Willie Parker4.23
Rondel Melendez4.24
Chris Johnson4.24
Taylor Mays4.24
Randy Moss4.25
Michael Vick4.25
Jerome Mathis4.25
Dri Archer4.26
Marquise Goodwin4.27
Stanford Routt4.27
Devin Hester4.27
Darren McFadden4.27
James Jett4.27
Jacoby Ford4.27
Trindon Holliday4.27
Kevin Williams4.28
Champ Bailey4.28
CJ Spiller4.28
Raghib Ismail4.28
Standord Routt4.29
Fabian Washington4.29
Trindon Holliday4.29
Laveranues Coles4.29
James Williams4.29
Gaston Green4.29
Jay Hinton4.29


Average time by position over the past five years
Wide receiver4.55
Running back4.59
Outside Linebacker4.74
Tight End4.77
Inside Linebacker4.80
Defensive End4.88
Defensive Tackle5.13
Offensive Center5.30
Offensive Tackle5.32
Offensive Guard5.36

The 40 yard dash has long been a way of evaluating the speed of football players by scouts for the NFL Draft. The origin comes from the average distance of a punt being 40 yards. Since 2000 players runners have been clocked using a laser. Prior to 2000 a human operated stop watch was used and thus times have been scrutinized. So what were the fastest times in 2015 compared to other years?

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Research Date: September 20th, 2015

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