May I re-post or use the statistics found here on my site?

Yes! We encourage the spread of information. Statistics are facts and as the Supreme Court has indicated, “No one may claim originality as to facts.” (The Copyright Office seconds that emotion.) In a 1997 case, the NBA went after a paging service that borrowed a live feed from a basketball game. A court of appeals ruled that stats couldn’t be protected.

So spread the facts around, obviously we love being linked, but all information found on our site is yours to do with as you please.

Are your statistics U.S. based or global?

All statistics are U.S. based unless otherwise noted. We will eventually be expanding to other countries but with the infinite amount of statistical information we had to start somewhere.

Can you do research for me?

Under most circumstances no. If you have a specific topic that we haven’t compiled stats for you may contact us and we will attempt to research and publish that information.

I found a statistic on your site that I believe is incorrect.

Thank you! Statistics vary depending on the source, time of publication, and possible human error. If you believe you found a more up to date statistic than we currently have, please feel free to contact us.

How do I properly cite the statistics found on your site?

For information on how to properly cite our information click here.