Fandango Company Statistics
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Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute, Fandango
Research Date: June 19th, 2015

Questions: Statistics on ticket sales ? how many movie theaters does Fandago sell for?, how many page views does Fandago get?, how many people use the Fandago mobile app?, what percentage of people purchase Fandago tickets using their mobil app? Fandago company statistics

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Fandango Statistics
Total number of movie screens Fandango sells for15,500
Number of Fandango page views annually39,000,000
Number of theaters Fandango sells tickets for1,450
Number of Fandango app downloads33,000,000
Percent of Fandango users that purchase from mobile app56 %

Fandango allows users to purchase movie tickets in advance using their mobile device or computer.

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