Environmental Statistics
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Source: Energy Information Administration, Environmental Defense
Research Date: August 1st, 2014

We know power plants have a heavy impact on the environment, but just how much pollution are we putting into the environment?

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Environmental StatisticsData
Metric tons of CO2 emitted each year by U.S. cars and trucks314
Average number of ocean water oil spills each day27
Number of cars and trucks on the road in the U.S.250 Million
Number of acres of land paved annually1.3 Million
Pounds of chemical pesticides used on residential lawns annually80 Million
Tons of fertilizer used annually70 Million
Percent of U.S. land that is forest area33.08 %
Greenhouse Gas Emission (GHG) StatisticsPercent
Percent of GHG made up of CO295 %
Percent of GHG made up of methane4 %
Percent of GHG made up of nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases1 %
Facilities Producing Carbon Dioxide Equivalent mmtCO2eData
Tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (mmtCO2e) emitted by power plants annually2,324
Tons of mmtCO2e emitted by petroleum refineries annually183
Number of U.S. facilities with emissions over 7 mmtCO2e100
U.S. Energy Usage StatisticsData
Gigawatt hours of electricity used annually3,771,908
Percent of electricy generated from Coal-Fired power plants48%
Percent of electricy generated from Liquid Petroleum plants6 %
Percent of electricy generated from Natural Gas energy producers21%
Percent of electricy generated from Nuclear power plants19
Percent of electricy generated from Conventional Hydroelectric turbines5%
Percent of electricy generated from Solor, Wind, and Geo-Thermal energy1%

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