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Endangered Species Statistics

Animal Species Extinction Statistics Number of Species
Number of Animal species that have gone extinct 801
Number of Animals that are extinct in the wild 64
Number of Animals that are critically endangered 3,879
Number of Animals that are endangered 5,689
Number of Animals that are vulnerable 10,002
Number of Animals that are near threatened 4,389
Number of Animals that are least concern 27,124
Top Endangered Animals (select few) Number Left
Amur Leopard 40
Javan Rhinoceros 60
Panther 80
Red Wolf 100
California Condor 130
Sumatran Rhinoceros 300
Cross River Gorilla 300
Asiatic Lion 350
Northern Right Whale 350
Indochinese Tiger 500
Malayan Tiger 500
Sumatran Tiger 500
Grizzly Bear 500
Eastern Gorilla 700
Camels 950
Giant Panda 1,000
South Asian River Dolphin 1,000
North Pacific Right Whale 1,000
Cape Mountain Zebra 1,500
Bengal Tiger 2,000
Indian Rhinoceros 2,500
Grevy's Zebra 2,000
Snow Leopard 4,000
Gray Wolf 6,600
Sumatran Orangutan 7,000
Cheetah 7,000
Blue Whale 10,000
Polar Bears 20,000
American Bison 30,000
Bonobo 30,000
Borneo Orangutan 40,000
Tasmanian Devil 80,000
Narwhal 80,000
Beluga Whale 150,000
Chimpanzee 150,000
Sperm Whale 400,000
Asian Elephant 470,000

An endangered (EN) species is one which has been categorized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as likely to become extinct. Conservation biologists use the IUCN Red List, where "endangered" is the second most severe conservation status for wild populations, following critically endangered. 3.879 animals and 2,655 plants are endangered worldwide, compared with 1998 levels of 1102 and 1197, respectively. The amount, population trend, and conservation status of each species can be found in the lists of organisms by population.

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Source: World Wildlife Fund
Research Date: October 22nd, 2015

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