Elderly Abuse Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: National Center on Elder Abuse, Bureau of Justice Statistics
Research Date: 7.7.2014
Elderly Abuse StatisticsData
Average number of elderly abuse cases each year2,150,000
Percent of elderly population that will experience some type of abuse9.5 %
Demographics of Elderly Abuse VictimsPercent
Percent of female elder abuse victims67.3 %
Median age of elder abuse victims77.9
Percent of white victims66.4 %
Percent of black victims18.7 %
Percent of hispanic victims10.4 %
Breakdown of Reported Elder Abuse Cases 
Neglect58.5 %
Physical Abuse15.7 %
Financial Exploitation12.3 %
Emotional Abuse7.3 %
Sexual Abuse0.04 %
All other types5.1 %
Unknown0.06 %
Family Perpetrated Elderly Abuse 
Percent of Adult Protective Service cases that involve elderly abuse68 %
Percent of elderly abuse perpetrated by adult children or spouses66 %
Percent of murder victims over 60 who were killed by their own offspring42 %
Percent of murder victims over 60 who were killed by their spouses24 %
Nursing Home Abuse 
Percent of nursing homes that lack adequate staff to properly care for patients91 %
Percent of nursing homes that have been in violation of elderly abuse laws36 %
Elderly defined as 60 years of age and older

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