Easter Statistics
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Source: Internet Retailer, Barna Group, National Retail Federation,
National Confectioner's Association
Research Date: March 18th, 2015

Easter is a festival and holiday celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred three days after his crucifixion by Romans at Calvary. Today there are various traditions surrounding this holiday like dying and hunting for easter eggs as well as eating chocolate easter bunnies. Questions: How many chocolate bunnies are sold on Easter? What percent of people celebrate Easter? What is the average amount spent on Easter candy? Easter Statistics.

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Easter Holiday Spending StatisticsData
Total annual spending on all Easter-related goods$14.6 Billion
Total annual spending on Easter candy$2.1 Billion
Average annual amount spent online on Easter candy, clothes and supplies$225.43
Average annual amount spent in bricks-and-mortar stores on Easter$131.04
Average amount spent on Easter clothes$60.55
Average amount spent on Easter candy$28.11
Average amount spent on Easter food$61.74
Average amount spent on Easter flowers$31.66
Greeting Cards$17.20
Easter Candy StatisticsData
Pounds of easter candy purchased annually120 Million
Number of Jelly beans made for easter16 Billion
Percent of Easter candy purchased that is chocolate70 %
Number of chocolate bunnies made for Easter each year90 Million
Percent of Americans who say chocolate bunnies should be eaten ears first76 %
Percent of Americans who describe Easter as a "Religious Holiday" or "Jesus’ Resurrection"
DemographicReligious HolidayJesus’ Resurrection
All Adults67 %42 %
Women66 %43 %
Men68 %42 %
Married 70 %44 %
UnMarried63 %39 %
White69 %42 %
Black65 %43 %
Hispanic67 %37 %
Conservative79 %53 %
Moderate63 %40 %
Liberal57 %29 %
Catholic65 %37 %
Protestant78 %51 %

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