Looking to study up on the most common (and sometimes not so common diseases. Here is a list of diseases that plague humankind.

allergy statistics statisticbrain

Allergy Statistics

Allergy Statistics Data Percent of children who have skin allergies ...
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Rabies Virus Statistics

Rabies Virus Statistics Data Annual number of deaths due to ...
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Stress Statistics

Top Causes of Stress in the U.S. Factors 1 Job ...
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Diabetes Statistics

Diabetes Statistics Data Total number of U.S. citizens who've been ...
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gluten celiac disease statistics

Gluten / Celiac Disease Statistics

Gluten / Celiac Disease Statistics Data Percent of people who ...
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female infertility pregnancy test negative

Infertility Statistics

Infertility Treatment Statistics Data Percent of couples diagnosed with infertility ...
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Disease Cases and Deaths Statistics

Disease Annual Reported Cases Total Infected Today Annual Deaths Tuberculosis ...
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Arthritis Statistics

Statistic Verification Source: Center for Disease Control Research Date: 7.9.2014 ...
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herpes virus

Genital Herpes Statistics

Genital Herpes Statistics Data Percent of Americans age 14 to ...
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narcolepsy sleep statistics

Narcolepsy Statistics

Narcolepsy Statistics Data Time length of a normal night's sleep ...
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child adult obesity statistics

Child and Adult Obesity Statistics

Childhood Obesity in America Percentage Increase in child obesity over ...
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Bipolar Disorder Statistics

Bipolar (sometimes spelled Bi-Polar) disorder is a condition in which ...
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Snoring Statistics

Snoring Statistics Data Percent of people age 30 and older ...
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lactose intolerance statistics

Lactose Intolerance Statistics

Lactose Intolerant Statistics Data Total percentage of people who are ...
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mrsa staph infection microscope

Staph Infection Statistics

Statistic Verification Source: staph-infection-resources.com, www.nlm.nih.gov, cdc.gov Research Date: 7.28.2013 Statistics ...
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ebola virus outbreak death statistics

Ebola Virus Outbreak Statistics

Ebola Virus Outbreak Statistics Data Year Ebola virus was first ...
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alzheimers-disease statisticbrain

Alzheimer’s Disease Statistics

Alzheimer's Diseaese Statistics Data Number of Americans who are living ...
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depression statistics

Depression Statistics

Depression Demographic Breakdown Percent Total Percentage who suffer from depression ...
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Computer vision syndrome Statistics

Computer Vision Syndrome Statistics

Statistic Verification Source: WebMD, Computer-Vision-Syndrome.org, AOA Date Verified: 04.18.2014 CVS ...
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Disability Statistics

Statistic Verification Source: Council For Disability Awareness, Cornell University Research ...
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