Dining Out Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute
Research Date: January 16th, 2015

How often people choose to dine out has always been a fairly good indicator of how people feel about the economy and their own financial well-being. It could also mean more people are opting out for a more nutriotious home cooked meal.

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In a typical week, how often do you go to a restaurant for dinner – rarely or never, once a week, two or three times a week, or more than three times a week?
DateRarely / Never1X / Week2-3X / Week>3X / Week
Aug 30-31, 201449%32%10%9%
Jul 30-31, 201247%30%16%7%
Jan 22-23, 201243%38%15%2%
Jul 21-22, 201147%32%18%2%
Jan 18-19, 201143%35%17%3%
Aug 2-3, 201038%40%17%4%
Oct 25-26, 200949%33%11%4%
Nov 17-18, 200844%33%18%3%
Compared to six months ago, are you going out to week more often, less often, or are you going out to eat about the same as before?
DateMore OftenLess OftenAbout the SameNot Sure
Aug 30-31, 20148%38%51%3%
Jul 30-31, 20125%41%53%1%
Jan 22-23, 20125%45%48%2%
Jul 21-22, 201110%47%43%0%
Jan 18-19, 20116%43%48%3%
Aug 2-3, 20108%44%47%1%
Oct 25-26, 20095%56%38%1%
Nov 17-18, 20087%57%34%2%

<h2>how many times does the average person eat out at a restaurant ?</h2>