Countries That Give The Most In Foreign Aid Statistics
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Source: OECD, The World Bank, Development Assistance Committee
Research Date: July 28th, 2015

Questions: What countries give the most in foreign aid ? percent of us GDP that goes to foreign aid ? Which countries give the most in foreign aid help to Africa ? Top countries in foreign aid contributions? How much foreign aid does the U.S. contribute each year?

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Percent of GDP Commited to Foreign Aid
 CountryPercent of GDP to Aid
1Sweden0.99 %
2Norway0.88 %
3Denmark0.82 %
4Netherlands0.80 %
5Belgium0.50 %
6United Kingdom0.48 %
7Ireland0.43 %
8Finland0.43 %
9Spain0.43 %
10Switzerland0.42 %
11Austria0.42 %
12Germany0.38 %
13France0.38 %
14Canada0.32 %
15Australia0.29 %
16New Zealand0.27 %
17Portugal0.25 %
18Italy0.21 %
19Greece0.20 %
20Japan0.20 %
21United States0.19 %

Foreign aid is when one country helps another country. The country may give money or things; it may also send people. This is especially needed when a disaster happens in a poor country.

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