Construction Industry Statistics
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Source: US Census Bureau
Research Date: February 3rd, 2015

The construction industry is as old as time. This will give you a basic idea of the revenue and size of the construction industry.

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Construction Industry Statistics Annual Revenue
US Construction industry annual revenue $1.731 Trillion
Number of construction companies in the US 729,345
Number of construction company employees in the US 7.316.240
Average construction company employee salary $45,200
Construction Company Type Statistics Number of Companies Value of Annual Business
Construction of Buildings 211,956 $748 Billion
Heavy and civil engineering construction 39,439 $260 Billion
Specialty trade contractors 477,950 $722 Billion
States with the most construction companies Number
California 72,173
Florida 51,143
New York 43,409
Texas 37,200
Illinois 30,236
Pennsylvania 28,505
North Carolina 25,457
New Jersey 23,142
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