Computer vision syndrome Statistics

Computer Vision Syndrome Statistics

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Source: WebMD,, AOA
Date Verified: 04.18.2014
CVS is an optometric term used to encompass a whole range of symptoms and problems relating to the eyestrain and pain experienced by increased computer use.
Visits to eye doctors every year for CVS related problems10 Million
Chance of developing CVS after 2 hours of computer use90%
Amount by which worker productivity can decrease20%
Hours workers in western countries spend using a computer daily6 hours
Hours workers in western countries spend using a computer yearly1548 hours
Percentage of Americans who experience CVS daily70%
New patients treated each month by Ophthalmologists for CVS16
CVS Symptoms Experienced Statistics
Eye Fatigue + Tired Eyes64.95%
Eye Strain48.83%
Neck / Shoulder Pain44.0%
Irritation Of Eyes37.5%
Itching / Burning Of Eyes34.38%
Back Pain34.38%
Blurry vision30.48%
General Fatigue25.58%
Arm / Wrist / Shoulder Pain25.0%

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Computer Vision Syndrome Statistics

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