Computer Sales Statistics
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Source: Gartner, International Data Corporation
Research Date: August 16th, 2015

Computer sales have hit a slump over the past few years. With more and more people buying tablets and mobile devices the demand for big bulky desktops and notebooks have declined.

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Computer Sales in 2014 by Manufacturer (Desk-Based and Notebook)
 ManufacturerComputers Shipped
YearGlobal Computer SalesU.S. SalesGlobal Revenue
2014302,000,00089,500,000$304 Billion
2011355,200,00095,400,000$329 Billion
2010346,200,00093,000,000$321 Billion
2000134,700,00046,000,000$251 Billion
197550,00040,000$60 Million
Total Number of Computers Sold All Time4,187,000,000
Purpose and CharacteristicsPercent of Computer Sold
Percent of computers sold for business74 %
Percent of desktop computers sold81.5 %
Percent of laptop computers sold16.4 %
Percent of servers sold2.1 %
Region of Sales 
Percent of computers sold to the U.S.38.8 %
Percent of computers sold to Europe25 %
Percent of computers sold to Asia-Pacific11.7 %
Figures include desktop PCs, mobile PCs, and servers using the Intel x86 processor architecture

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