Coca-Cola Company Statistics
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Source: Coca-Cola
Research Date: April 13th, 2015

Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized brands around the world. Their global expansion and market capitalization has been studied by businesses the world over. Coke has been able to purchase numerous smaller soft drink companies in all areas of the soft drink market and with over 3,500 different products they own over half of all soft drinks sold.

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Coca-Cola Financial StatisticsData
Current Stock Value (KO) NYSE$38.58
Average stock value over past 10 years$26.25
Annual Revenue$47.51 billion
Total Cash Assets$16.97 billion
Enterprise Value$189.2 billion
Coca-Cola Company StatisticsData
Number of worldwide Coke employees146,200
Percent of the world’s population that recognize the Coca-Cola logo96 %
Total number of Coca-Cola products3,500
Number of coke bottles sold each day1.8 billion
Number of coke bottles sold its first year25
Number of worldwide Coke bottling companies275
Current value of a single share of Coke that was purchased in 1919$92,500
Consecutive years with increased Coke dividends50
Number of Coca-Cola brand drinks that are consumed each second10,450
Soft Drink Market ShareData
Coke26 %
Pepsi15 %
Diet Coke15 %
Moutain Dew10 %
Dr. Pepper9 %
Diet Pepsi8 %
Sprite8 %
Other9 %
Worldwide Unit Case Volume Geographic MixVolume Percent
Latin America / South America29 %
North America22 %
Pacific18 %
Eurasia & Africa16 %
Europe15 %

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