christmas tree sale statistics

Christmas Tree Sales Statistics

Christmas Tree Statistics Data
Number of real Christmas trees sold in the U.S. each year 33,000,000
Number of fake Christmas trees sold each year 9,500,000
Number of Christmas trees currently growing on Christmas tree farms 350,000,000
Average growing time for a Christmas tree 7 years
Number of people employed by the Christmas tree industry 100,000
Percentage who purchased a Pre-cut Tree 84 %
Percentage who cut down own tree 16 %
Total Spent on real Christmas trees annually $1,225,000,000
Total Spent on fake Christmas trees annually $685,000,000
Percent of artificial trees sold in the U.S. that are imported from China 80 %

Each year millions of people celebrate Christmas by decorating a tree. Pre-cut trees may be purchased at a variety of locations, including retail lots, garden centers, chain stores, Choose & Cut farms, nonprofit groups and over the Internet."Cut my own" is a tree harvested by the consumer and purchased at a Choose & Cut farm, where it is grown by the farmer. Depending on your area, it may also be referred to as "U-Cut," "Choose & Cut," "U-Pick," "Choose & Harvest," etc.

Statistic Verification
Source: National Christmas Tree Association, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service
Research Date: November 28th, 2015

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