Chinese Labor Statistics

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Source: IMF World Economic Outlook, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Research Date: 4.28.2013
Average Annual Salary Urban + Rural $4,397
Average Annual Salary Urban $7,947
Minimum Annual Salary $1,500
Year Average Hourly Rate in USD
2009 $1.40
2008 $1.30
2007 $1.05
2006 $0.80
2005 $0.70
2004 $0.63
2003 $0.59
2002 $0.56
Average Costs of Living Cost in USD
Two bedroom, one bathroom apartment (wood floors, marble counters) $587
Utilities per month $39
Cleaning lady to visit once a week $2
Bag of seven apples $1
Nice Restaurant Meal $8
Nice Alcoholic Beverage $7
Average monthly cost of healthcare $20
Annual cost of living for the lower-middle class $28,000
Statistics Data
Paid Maternity Leave 90 Days
Unemployment Rate 4.2 %
Total Size of Labor Work Force 776,047,400
Female Percent of Work Force 44.54 %
Minimum Work Age 16
Largest Labor Subsectors (Urban Employment) Employed
Electronics and Telecommunications 3,046,676
Transportation Equipment Manufacturing 2,745,303
Textiles 2,528,889
Chemical Raw Materials and Products 2,155,118
Garments and other Fiber Products 2,061,718
Ordinary Machinery Manufacturing 2,046,922
Electrical Machinery and Equipment 1,977,827
Nonmetal Mineral Products 1,936,335
Smelting and Pressing of Ferrous Metals 1,894,175
Smallest Labor Subsectors (Urban Employment Employed
Tobacco Processing 200,844
Chemical Fibers Manufacturing 211,078
Tumber Processing, bamboo, cane, palm, straw 304,296
Furniture Manufacturing 332,783
Printing and Record Medium Reproduction 410,422
Stationary and Educational and Sporting Goods 436,533
Rubber Products 438,408

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Date research was conducted: August 22, 2016

Chinese Labor Statistics

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