Child Rate by Mothers Education

Statistic Verification
Source: Center for Disease Control
Research Date: 8.26.2012

The following represents the percentage of women 22–44 years of age who have no children and percentage with three or more children, by education: United States

Women Age 22 – 44 with :Percent of Women
No Children / No High School Diploma9%
No Children / High School Diploma18%
No Children / Some College29%
No Children / Bachelor’s Degree or Higher47%
3 + Children / No High School Diploma47%
3 + Children / High School Diploma29%
3 + Children / Some College20%
3 + Children / Bachelor’s Degree or Higher12%

what percent of women with children have no high school degree ? which percent of mothers have no high school diploma ? How many women with college degree have children? How many women without high school diploma have children?