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Car Wash Industry Statistics

Carwash Industry Statistics Data
Car wash industry annual revenue $5.8 billion
Car wash industry annual revenue including gas purchases $48 billion
Annual car wash industry revenue growth from 2006-2011 -1.6 %
Number of full-service carwashes 9,000
Number of exterior conveyor washes 10,500
Number of self-serve car washes 36,000
Number of in-bay automatics 58,000
Total number of carwashes 113,000
Total number of car wash employees 350,000
Number of cars washed annually 2.3 Billion
Number of cars washed per day 8 Million
Percent of car washes that also dispense gasoline 65 %
Percent of car washes owned by small business persons 90 %
Estimate number of gallons of water used on each car 38 gallons
Average annual number of gallons of water lost per car wash 48,000
In-Bay Automatic Statistics for a single operation  
Average number of cars washed annually 19,947
Average sale per vehicle $6.34
Average profit per vehicle $4.35
Average annual profit $86,531
Average annual revenue $139,000
Self-Serve Statistics for a single operation (Wand or Coin-op Style)  
Average monthly revenue per bay $1,489
Average percent of time bay is in use 10 %
Average annual revenue for a 2 bay operation $41,000
Tunnel Carwash Statistics for a single operation  
Average number of cars washed per year 45,750
Average price per carwash $15
Average annual revenue $686,250
Busiest Carwash Days by Percent of Weekly Washes  
Saturday 25 %
Friday 20 %
Sunday 12 %
Monday 12 %
Strongest Seasons of the Year by Percent of Sales  
Winter 32 %
Spring 25 %
Summer 25 %
Fall 18 %

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Source: MSSP, IRS, Professional Carwashing and Detailing, US Census Bureau
Research Date: February 2nd, 2015

Statistics on the car wash industry. Sales and revenue for the car wash and detail business. Annual sales per individual car wash.