Business Funding Source Statistics

Source of FundingPercent of Business’Total EmployedAnnual Revenue
Personal savings60.3 %26,898,0094,849 Million
Personal assets other than savins7.7 %5,451,017966 Million
Personal home equity loan5.6 %3,174,141445 Million
Personal credit card10.4 %3,030,785390 Million
Business loan from government0.7 %925,697141 Million
Government gauranteed bank loan0.7 %906,246126 Million
Business loan from a bank10.7 %16,102,8353,174 Million
Loan / investment from family / friends2.6 %3,406,730563 Million
Investment by venture capitalist0.4 %3,642,472812 Million
Grant0.4 %1,201,93294 Million
Other2.3 %8,775,4763,000 Million
Don’t know4 %22,186,1516,637 Million
None needed20.8 %16,664,6554,860 Million
Personal Savings Funded Business Statistics 
Percent that are female owned54.4 %
Percent that are male owned31.8 %
Percent that are equally owned12.6 %
Credit Card Funded Business Statistics 
Percent that are female owned2.7 %
Percent that are male owned4.9 %
Percent that are equally owned2.3 %
Venture Capitalist Funded Business Statistics 
Percent that are female owned0.1 %
Percent that are male owned0.4 %
Percent that are equally owned0.2 %

startup business funding statistics data ? what is the most common way to fund a start up business ? what percent of people get a loan from family to start a business ? what percent of business' are owned by women ?

Statistic Verification
Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Research Date: March 23rd, 2015

Questions: How are most start up businesses funded? What percent of people borrow money to start a business? What percent of businesses are owned by women?